My Approach

Build on What Works for You

I don't believe in counting verbal pauses or chirping about pacing. Focusing on deficiencies amplifies them. Instead, let's build on your strengths. If you're a killer storyteller, we'll open with an intro that will blow your audience away. If you're a natural extrovert, perhaps you can do the "Dole Stroll." 

Together we'll identify those moments when you're at your absolute best as a speaker. Then we'll design a presentation that will help you feel confident and in control. Building on your strengths will help you gain confidence to become the public speaker you've always wanted to be.

PS - Will I still call you out on small ways you can improve? Yes, but our work together will key in on what you do well & make sure the audience sees you at your very best.

Why Hire Me?

  • Award-winning Writer - I've written speeches for the Secretary of Defense, CEOs of high- powered companies, and national nonprofit leaders. I've cranked out remarks that my boss delivered side-by-side with Putin. I've helped business leaders get through tough announcements and nonprofit execs rally over 1,000 peers around a cause. I've worked with program directors, mid-level managers, VPs and everyone in between. I'd love to write for you.

  • Two for the Price of One - I'm both a speech coach and professional speechwriter. As a result, I can help you focus on both delivery skills and quality content ... and adjust both to help you take command of the room.

  • Uber Organized - I'll ensure we stay on schedule and on cost. I'm equally comfortable managing up and down. I also pride myself on being "easy to work with." (Hey, I survived 6 years in the Pentagon. With a few introductions, I'll figure out how to navigate your business too.)

  • Calm Under Pressure - I'm a quiet, confident presence at a time when you may be stressed out about your upcoming presentation. I've handled last-minute changes to many a teleprompter and settled nerves in the green room. Even so, my goal is to always finalize your remarks one week prior to the event so you have plenty of time to rehearse & make changes well before show time.

  • Proven Track Record - I love language. Whether writing your talking points, speech, or article, I'll blend prose and persuasion in ways that'll inspire people to act. Don't take my word for it. Email me & I'll send you a portfolio of my work.

Thank you, Professional Speechwriting Association, for this honor!

Thank you, Professional Speechwriting Association, for this honor!

“If you don’t know what you want to achieve in your presentation your audience never will. ”

— Harvey Diamond